فيلم مصاحبه با امام زمان




America is being known as a pioneer of democracy and its principles and each year with allotting a special budget is going to fight with censorship and the foes of the democracy .In despite of that the budget of voice of America is being provided from the source of American taxes,it has been turned out to a center for cencoring the voice of other nations and attacking to none Persian speakers nations.Although the voice of America claims that publication of true and neutral ,accurate and balanced news and respecting to the idea of the all nations are it’s essential duty and policy,but in spite of it’s claim,it’s dictatorship and it’s censoring has outstripped the most autocratic regimes.It would be sufficient to ask from your counsellors to provide a list of Azarbayjanian political activist that are the resident of US ,and then you wil recognize that how they have been ignored and have been put aside from the section Persian of VOA by the fars fascism in VOA ,just because of their origin and language. For example Fazail Azizan and Alireza Ardabili are tow azarbyjanian activist,resident in us.Each one of these azarbayjanian activist has been endured lots of tortures and disasters in the way of obtaining democracy in Iran and now in a democratic country such as America are being discriminated because of their national origion and in the same time not only no news from them are being coverd but also in fact they are being ignored and denyed because there are from Azarbayjan province.Even when some of the elited azarbayjanian are invited to VOA ,they are not allowed to express their own demands and ideas freely and they are being forced to follow the opinion of fars fascism.

For instance we can point to one of the program called(Tafsire Khabar)in January month that the speaker of the program (Chalangi) obviously is trying to deny and censor the demands and the views of other nations(none Persian speakers)by asking a directional question from the guests of the program.

Sorry to say that the employees of VOA who are get paid from the governmental budget and are supposed to follow the policy of VOA in order to spread the democracy and humanity values all over the world ,are abusing from their positions in censoring other nation’s demands and forcing their own and personal opinion in media against human rights which certainly these kind of interperetations are against the rules and policy of VOA that represent the voice of usa.

We believe that the formal officials of USA and especially the main director of VOA are not aware of these kinds of discriminations,because they do not know Persian language to track the programs or probably do not get the news about what going on this media from the reliable sources and advisers,so we decided to publicate this letter attaching a short video of voa’s program as an example and we insistly request from the involving and formal officials to investigate these issues and finally put an end to these kinds of discriminations against other nations.

respectfully : Fazail azizan

فيلم چگونگي دستگيري امير حسين اردبيلي توسط آمريکائيها(با زير نويس فارسي)

محسن رضائي رهبري را به نفهمي متهم کرد

بعد از بيانيه اخير مهندس موسوي ،محسن رضائي در واکنشي سريع ،صرفا با استناد به ان بخش از بيانيه که در آن لزوم پاسخگو کردن دولت با استفاده از قوه قضائيه ومجلس،آورده شده است؛ضمن مثبت ارزيا بي کردن آن،استدلال کرده بود که موسوي با عقب نشيني از مطالبات اوليه که همان نفي دولت بود،اکنون به دولت رسميت بخشيده و در ادامه با ابراز شادماني شگرف طي يک نامه سرگشاده از آقاي خامنه اي درخواست ارايه رهنمون نموده بود ،که گويا آنچنان که ازمطلب انتشاري در مورخه یکشنبه 13 دي 1388 تحت عنوان(از شما بعيد بود...!)برمي آيد ،اين نامه خشم وغضب مقام معظم را در پي داشته است.در اين مطلب خامنه اي از زبان حسين شريعتمداري ضمن کم درک وفريب خورده خواندن محسن رضائي،از علني کردن نامه به شدت انتقاد ووي را متهم به تعيين تکليف کردن به مقام رهبري نموده ودر ادامه ضمن دو رويه سکه عنوان کردن بيانيه موسوي و رضائي و کلي تعبير و تفسير و عتاب هاي گزنده،برادر رضائي را مشفقانه نصيحت ميکند تا ديگر فريب دشمنان را نخورده و پا را از گليم خود فراتر نگذارد.

متقابلا نيز آقاي محسن رضائي نيز با انتشار مطلبي ديگر در سايت تابناک تحت عنوان دراماتيک(فرياد ها عليه نامه اي که فهميده نشد)که بيشتربه يک لايحه دفاعيه شبيه است با ننه من غريبم بازي و مظلوم نمائي بدون نام بردن از شريعت مداري نوشته است:از کي تا کنون درخواست ارائه رهنمون رهبري تعيين تکليف به ايشان است؟و بعد از کلي انتقادات تند از نحوه ادبيات روزمره کيهان در جهت ترويج علني خشونت مدعي شده است که هيچ نيت سوئي از علني کردن نامه اش خطاب به رهبري نداشته وهدفش نه خط ونشان دادن به رهبري بلکه خط و نشان دادن به نخبگان و خواص جامعه براي چاره جوئي و بهبود امور بوده است.
پيش بيني ميشود که بعد از اين نامه انتشاري محسن رضائي،حسين شريعتمداري با انتشار مطلبي ديگر ضمن عذر بدتر از گناه خواندن دفاعيه محسن رضايي،او را بار ديگر متهم کند که مقام معظم رهبري را به نفهمي !متهم کرده است.وبا تيتر درشت از او بپرسد:آيا از نقطه نظر برادر رضائي مقام عظمي وشامخ رهبري جزو نخبگان و خواص محسوب نميشود؟!

فضائل عزيزان،